I've already spoken in the very article to which you are commenting to your (inaccurate) claims.

So, should you be concerned with accuracy yourself?

The question is just unnecessary. But yeah, I have worked hard journalistically in Trump country and paid the price in this political climate. (You know, in Trump country and a climate that believes that articles that make folks question to be "fake news".) Don't believe it, consider this report on murders and danger in the U.S. to journalists: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/united-states-added-list-most-dangerous-countries-journalists-first-time-n949676

It's also been an education issue with an editor. Consider that factor and others from these reports: https://medium.com/beehive-blunders/rural-utah-media-isnt-interested-in-journalism-and-we-should-be-concerned-95fec7b9d301

If you make further inaccurate claims, you will be blocked.

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Rhett Wilkinson has won 12 journalism awards over 4 years of applying for them. Work in USA TODAY, ESPN, Pew, MSN. Also been a successful pro se litigant.

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