Hi Giulio — the headline talks about there being many dry Mormon *transhumanists*, not dry Mormons. It asks if you have heard of a dry Mormon, but that’s not the same thing.
To expound on the term “dry Mormon,” it has been used by Mormons as someone who is basically a Latter-day Saint Mormon in terms of belief and lifestyle but just hasn’t been baptized (which makes one wet, and so if you haven’t been baptized, you are dry!).
So dry Mormon transhumanist, the term actually referred to in the headline in terms of a belief and lifestyle folks have adapted, *is a play on the other phrase*, meaning, there are many members of the Mormon Transhumanist Association from a variety of beliefs and lifestyles.
In fact, it is meant to point out that the MTA has many members who aren’t Mormon — and there is even a reference in the story to the percentage breakdown, among many percentages. As it reads: “ Sixty-two percent of MTA members said they were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and 59 percent identified as theists. On social policy, 53 percent identified as progressive, 20 percent as conservative and 18 percent as moderate. On economic policy, 32 percent identified as moderate, 32 percent as progressive and 29 percent as conservative, according to a 2014 survey.”

Thank you for recommending the original piece, about the MTA.

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Rhett Wilkinson has won 12 journalism awards over 4 years of applying for them. Work in USA TODAY, ESPN, Pew, MSN. Also been a successful pro se litigant.

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