The Lingle Jingle Mingle: A ‘Christmas Marketplace’

FORT LARAMIE , Wyo.— Ladonna Gueswel said the biggest challenge to organizing the Lingle Jingle Mingle was “the coordination of figuring out which vendor needs to go in the right spot.” There needed to be “enough variety,” she said.

“The vendors have been very great to work with,” Gueswel added.

The Lingle Jingle Mingle was last month at the Fort Laramie Community Center in southeast Wyoming. Various business vendors were there with their products as part of a “Christmas marketplace.” The Goshen County Fiddlers played Saturday morning and children could mail letters to Santa. Holiday dining was offered by the Lingle Aggies 4-H Club and The Gathering Place.

The event was held at the community center because the Lingle, Wyo., building where it usually takes place is being renovated into a community center of its own.

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Rhett Wilkinson has won 12 journalism awards over 4 years of applying for them. Work in USA TODAY, ESPN, Pew, MSN. Also been a successful pro se litigant.

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