An address on “Elias and the priesthood.”

Another known as the “King Follett discourse.”

Saying “oh Lord my God” when he was assassinated.

“From what I gather … Joseph Smith was very familiar with Masonry,” independent researcher Cheryl Bruno said. “And in fact, was so familiar with Masonry, he spoke on Elias and the priesthood in a way that masons would understand but others would not.”

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Church of Christ founder Joseph Smith Jr., circa 1843–44 (Associated Press/The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)

Bruno told The Seer Stone that the summer she presented at the 2020 Sunstone Symposium in a presentation titled “Freemasonry’s Impact on Mormon Mourning in Nauvoo.”

Smith joined the Masons when in Nauvoo, about two years before he died, “so it’s generally known that he was a Freemason, but what’s not known so much in the (Latter-day Saint) church is how much he used Freemasonry in his sermons,” Bruno said. …

FRISCO, Texas — Vive Funds, led by Veena Jetti, in a joint venture partnership with Blue Lake Capital, led by Ellie Perlman, are pleased to announce the successful closing of its first acquisition in the Marietta/Atlanta, Ga. submarket, Element 41. The deal closed on Oct. 26 and is an $80 million joint venture between the two female-led companies.

Veena Jetti (photo credit: Veena Jetti)

“Vive Funds and Blue Lake Capital are both known for targeting conservative, steady, double-digit returns for their investors,” said Jetti, Vive Funds’ founding partner. …

Note: This is Part V of a series of stories about issues The Salt Lake Tribune has faced.

Noting that the Huntsmans — the one with the late Jon Huntsman Sr., former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr. and Salt Lake Tribune President Paul Huntsman — are a “big, powerful family in this town,” former Tribune white-collar crime reporter Tom Harvey doesn’t think Huntsman Sr. and Paul Huntsman wanted “real, hard-core stories” that “strike.”

“I think they would be reluctant to run any types of stories about the political elite of the state,” Harvey said.

Harvey pointed to a story by Tribune reporter Lee Davidson that referenced former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes having a friendship with former legislator Kevin Garn. Two or three days later, Huntsman Sr., who died in Feb. 2018, wrote a letter to the editor saying that Hughes is a “good guy,” Harvey said. …

QAnon. Pizzagate. COVID-is-a-hoax.

Conspiracy theories are aplenty these days, with plenty of people who believe in them. Utah professors in the studies of communication, political science and psychology talked with me about conspiracy theories.

This second part of a two-part series regards content creators, among other things. Content creators have a role in the development of conspiracy theories, from those who deliberately create fake news to a natural fallout from the typical work of the media, professors said.

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Glenn Beck is a provocateur who says “I’m just raising these questions” as a “rhetorical device,” said Dr. Ben Lyons, an assistant professor of communication at the University of Utah who did a study on the matter. (photo credit: Fox Business)

Dr. Ben Lyons (an assistant professor of communication at the University of Utah), along with Vittorio Merola and Jason Reifler, did a study titled “Not Just Asking Questions”. It was inspired by the idea that you see people even in mainstream media and provocateurs (Lyons used Glenn Beck as an example) who say “I’m just raising these questions” as a “rhetorical device,” Lyons said. …

QAnon. Pizzagate. COVID-is-a-hoax.

Conspiracy theories are aplenty these days, with plenty of people who believe in them. Utah professors in the studies of political science, history and communication talked with me about conspiracy theories.

This first part of a two-part series has to do with their history, what it takes to believe in them and why someone may be likely to, among other things.

Dr. Matthew Burbank, a professor of American politics at the University of Utah, said conspiracy theories have been around “pretty much” since the start of civilization.

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Dr. Matthew Burbank (photo credit: University of Utah)

“[We] tend to use conspiracy theories to come up with an explanation for what we otherwise can’t explain or feel a need to explain,” Burbank said, offering that questions like “Why did our crops fail?” and “Why did our son run off?” …

SALT LAKE CITY — During a discussion on police K-9 certifications earlier on Tuesday during a Utah Senate Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee meeting, Utah Sen. Don Ipson made controversial comments about complaints about use of police dogs. Ipson voted to explore the issue in a future bill, but said, “Just don’t make it restrictive.” “I don’t have a lot of sympathy,” he said. “We don’t want to harm the public. But if they don’t want to get bit, stay home.”

These discussions about regulating the use of police dogs come on the heels of a widely reported incident where an officer ordered a dog to bite a Black man who was already compliant with police. …

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Women’s Giving Circle, in collaboration with the Community Foundation of Utah and Better Days 2020, is hosting a series of three webinars titled Resilience 2020: From Susan B. Anthony to RBG: The history, resilience, and call to community. Resilience 2020 is dedicated to reigniting Utah’s spirit of community, generosity, and resilience in the face of challenge.

Katherine Kitterman (photo credit: Katherine Kitterman via Twitter)

The first session is titled The History of Women Reinventing the World and will be held on Thursday from 12–1 p.m. During this session, Katherine Kitterman and Tiffany Greene of Better Days 2020 will paint the historical backdrop of how women have led forward in times of difficulty, coming together to create the cultural movements that shaped our state, nation and world for the better. …

You might say the United Utah Party is making it. The UUP has 18 candidates running for the Utah Legislature, which is the largest slate of candidates of any party other than the Democratic and Republican parties. Further, UUP candidates have drafted a statement that explains their legislative priorities as a caucus for the 2021 legislative session.

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United Utah Party logo (photo credit: United Utah Party)

“Our UUP candidates want to hit the ground running in bringing about much-needed reform to our state government — campaign finance limits, term limits, and ranked-choice voting,” said Richard Davis, United Utah Party chair. …

Rep. Robert Spendlove and Siamak Khadjenoury debated as part of their race to represent Utah House District 49.

The 30-minute online function was hosted Wednesday by the Better Utah Institute and League of Women Voters of Utah.

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Rep. Robert Spendlove (photo credit: Spendlove for House District 49)

Spendlove, the senior economist for Zions Bank, and Khadjenoury, a partner at Altium Health, talked about issues including independent redistricting, women’s equality, police brutality and money in politics.

On Proposition 4, formerly a ballot initiative that established an independent redistricting commission, Spendlove said that that we need to make sure that “partisan politics” are not part of the law. …

SALT LAKE CITY — A new audit of the state of Utah’s initial reply to the novel coronavirus learned that officials in Utah were not ready for the worldwide COVID-19. And that in the effort to make changes, they spent millions in contracts that were no-bid, with few records of having taken reasonable steps, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

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John Dougall (photo credit: Utah Office of the State Auditor)

“From our high-level review, we conclude that the state did not adequately anticipate or prepare for this type of statewide, national, and global pandemic,” said the examination put out Wednesday by Utah’s Office of the State Auditor, led by John Dougall. …


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